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Stop the Sneezing and Get the Pollen Out!

Don’t delay on your spring office cleaning! As we get into the heart of spring, the plants create copious amounts of pollen to prepare for the beautiful summer months ahead. While the bees move the pollen from plant to plant, the particles get caught in the air around us. The particles fly around until eventually they get sucked into your office building! All of a sudden, your employees are sneezing and itching their eyes more than they are getting their work done, and that just will not work! Did you know that, according to WebMD,  10 – 30 percent of all Americans are allergic to typical pollen? It’s nothing that will actually harm your body, but it is enough to irritate you. Help your employees feel more comfortable at work, and call us for your professional office cleaning.

Lucky for you, we at Advanced Cleaning Professionals are your odor removal experts in San Luis Obispo. We offer office cleaning services such as air duct cleaning and carpet cleaning. By cleaning the air ducts, we can ensure that your employees are working comfortably.  Carpet cleaning is another way to get rid of the many odors and germs that seem to linger.

Furthermore, we pride ourselves on serving the San Luis Obispo community with a commitment to Green Cleaning with environment friendly initiatives. We are a very forward thinking office cleaning company and look forward to sharing our expertise with you. We want to help you keep your business in tip top shape so it reflects the company inside. Start fresh this spring, and get your free estimate for your office cleaning today!

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